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In the 21st Century luxury is space, nobility of fine materials, esthetic, generosity. Luxury, it is also the time stops, the calm absolute ...

In combined pleasures, the scuba diving cruises aboard MSY WAOW take you to the seasons, discovering the wild and authentic Indonesia: from Bali to Raja Ampat, passing by Komodo, Flores, Alor, the Sunda Islands, Banda, Seram, Triton Bay, Misool, Cenderawasih, Halmahera, Lembeh, Sulawesi, Toggian and Wakatobi. Scan the magical waters, explore the original lands and experience an exceptional and comfortable live-aboard !

Today cruising to ALOR - Indonesia, the ultimate critter and macro paradise !
MSY WAOW Sailing Alor Indonesia Macro and critter paradise WAOW diving Alor for critters and macro nudibranches