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In the 21st Century luxury is a dive cruise onboard MSY WAOW: space, the nobility of fine materials, beauty and generosity. Luxury is also when time stops and absolute calm prevails.

Follow the seasons discovering an exotic and authentic Indonesia. From Bali to Raja Ampat passing by Komodo, Flores, the Sonde Islands, Banda and Seram Seas, Triton Bay, Misool, Cenderawasih Bay, Halmahera, Lembeh, Sulawesi, Toggian and Wakatobi. Experience the magical waters and explore the mythical islands onboard an exceptional and comfortable liveaboard.

MSY WAOW on cruise for scuba diving and sailing in KOMODO - from Flores to Bali.

MSY WAOW Sailing Raja Ampat Papua Barat Sorong

MSY WAOW Scuba diving cruise and sailing in KOMODO from Flores to Bali